Internet of Things.

Things about smart productivity,
effectiveness and much more ...

Haicom is a software and hardware IoT with sensor total
solution provider for specialized networking and connectivity.

Our Haicom IoT Platform (haicomiot™) is comprised of a suit of applications which allow you to view, manage, and get alerts about your remote assets.

The haicomiot™ enables easy and intuitive data visualization, device fleet management, situational awareness and collaborating the data with existing IT systems such as SCADA, models and any other 3rd party software. The platform is offered as a cloud based solution or as an enterprise solution on premises. The haicomiot™ incorporates built-in applications that greatly extends the usability and functionality of the platform.

Allowing you to scale between big or small sites, interconnect data to additional software, and stay up-to-date with the most advanced technology.

Haicom IoT solutions provide any smart applications to equip your business with wings to soar. Haicomiot connecting just about everything to the internet in real-time

Sensors: the endpoints of the haicomiot networks and collecting increasing amount of context-aware data and information, such as, GPS locations, temperature/humidity, fuel level, soil chemical contains, images, weather condictions, With haicomiot multitasking with massive applications and creat better yield and provide more efficiency than ever.

Further more, haicomiot also involve in industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): help factories to tracking goods in real-time, inventory management, automotive delivery systems, and much more ...

Beyound the 3rd IoT, haicomiot will marching to the 4th wave: IoE: Internet of Eveything.

Sensing capabilities :

We have developed some of the most efficient, adaptable and cost effective data acquisition devices in the industry.

Designed for reading and transmitting parameters such us :

Soil health

The hIoT is farm management platform that integrates available innovations in agriculture sector with the strong focus on sustainable development.

Liquids level

Haicom IoT Fuel level solution has created an sensor for monitoring the level of liquids in every types of tanks associated with specilized platforms. Applications for energy industrials, gas, oil, liquid chemical, etc


Using wireless sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity in cold chain, constant temp./hum. room, greenhouses.

Meteorological station solutions

Haicom IoT Weather station sensor collect the environment real time data, such as, humidity/temperature, wind directions, wind speed, gust speed, rainfall, UV rate, sun light ...more

Start-up :

Unscrew HIoT box
upper cover

Put in valid SIM card

APN Default:
internet send SMS command

Connect sensor and
power to HIoT box

Push on power button
and start

Go: haicomiot

Application examples :

1 Farm : Weather monitoring
2 Hum./Temp. + GPS
3 Fuel level + GPS

Appendix :

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2 Relay connection