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Show TitleEpisodeMemberTypeNetworkNotesEng SubVid1Vid2/ ExtraClipsVideo 3Video 4Video 5Translator/Subber


2024TBAThe second half of 2024ComissionJinuFilmCGVJinu's debut Film🤩 Comission is a hardcore thriller crime drama. Kim Jinwoo as Hannyagun is the most mysterious character in the movie, a cruel mystery psychopath. He represents the dark side of the dark web, and plays an important role in the development of the film.


2024TBATBASBS MMTG 2009 - Famous Song Championship1-Hoony JinuMusicSBSJinu & Hoony are the part of the cast members.


2024Jun24/06/06Kkokkomu : The Story of That Day When We Were Biting Each Other's Tails131HoonyRealitySBSThe topic is “Back to the Flight 129 Crash: The worst airline accident that occurred on the territory of the Republic of Korea.”


2024Mar24/03/08-24/03/15No Way Home3-4Hoony JinuVarietyJTBCAn entertainment program based on camping, where the performers have sincere conversations and give tips on camping that has emerged as a travel trend with SNSD's Hyoyeon and Sunny as the MCs.Enghttps://youtu.be/J4l_yyX1H2Q?si=Ejzam_qLqqipWV4jhttps://youtu.be/QYw3TljwYEo?si=oh_tMiSJmyzopu01


2024Feb24/02/27No Way I'm An AdultHoonyRealitytvN StoryDiscusses what problems adults face. For example, aging wrinkles can be caused by foods containing preservatives and flavorings, sweet foods/drinks, stress, etchttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpmFP6RYAhYaTxYnsx76DN7RQsWaLERk6&si=bgnJvgNQ8BJN40BA


2024Feb24/02/13Han Moocheol's Dashcam review67Hoony JinuVarietyJTBCTalked about the unfortunate story that the vehicle was damaged by the invisible potholes, from trucks that were left unattended while driving at the highway junction to the unfortunate story that local governments are not responsible for the damage caused by the invisible potholes.https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6SuZRIVn1oo77HJE2Z-1IRC7fsEjKshy&si=LKWsWN3TTWTkiaQb


2024Dec-Jan23/12/30-24/01/14A Cut of History1-6HoonyRealityTV Chosuna broadcast covering modern and contemporary Korean history


2023Dec23/12/29MBC Entertainment AwardsHoonyAwardsMBCSeunghoon as the representative of MBC's Adventure by Accident


2023Dec23/12/18Dogs Are Incredible celebratesHoony JinuRealityKBS2Dogs Are Incredible celebrates its 200th episode with star volunteers to do walking challenges in a 3-part special


2023Nov-Feb23/11/26-24/02/04Around the World / Adventure by Accident Season 31-10HoonyReality showMBC


2023Oct23/10/28Calling Agent5HoonyRealityJTBCSeunghoon and Mimi of ‘Oh My Girl’ will make a reels to promote the village as the head of MZ


2023Sept23/09/10-23/09/17King of Masked SingerHoonyMusicMBCEng


2023Aug-Sep23/08/21-23/09/26My Lovely Boxer1-12JinuK-DramaKBS2Pure Boxer' is based on novel. Kim Jinwoo as Han Jaemin is a kindergarten assisten director who is the first love of genius boxer Lee Kwonsook (Kim Sohye). He is a 'face genius' that everyone acknowledges.EngDRAMA


2023Aug23/08/17Beat Coin49JinuVarietyKBS2EngEP49


2023Aug23/08/16-23/08/31Idol Truck in Philippines1,13-18JinuVarietyKBS2Sandara Park, Dindin, Kim Jinwoo of WINNER, and Kim Jonghyun and Aron from NU'EST will fly to the Philippines episode to promote and sell the excellence of Korean products in the Philippines.Eng




2023July23/07/05-23/07/06 & 23/07/12Idol Truck in South Korea1-3JinuVarietySBSVariety of idols' first voluntary overseas trips to hot places in Korea and Southeast Asia. All cast members put their heads together to complete a product sales road by directly planning the schedule, contents, and sales channels. Philippiness Team: Dara, Dindin, Aron and JR (Kim Jonghyeon), and Busan team: CIX's BX, Seunghoon and Hyunseok, WJSN's Dayoung and YeoreumEng




2023July-Sep23/06/30-23/09/01Heart Signal Season 47-16JinuDating showChannelAKim Jinwoo filled in the vacancy of Kang Seungyoon, who announced his departure ahead of his military enlistment. Jinu will be the NEW FIXED CAST!! The popular hit dating reality TV show. This season will show the beauty of love in spring.EngEP7-15


2023June23/06/22Dancing Queens on the Road5Hoony Yoon JinuVariety MusictvNWINNER as the university festival expert, giving tips to the queens of K-POP.EngEP5


2023June22/06/11-Around the World / Adventure by Accident Season 21-HoonyReality ShowMBCA honest talk as MCs about Gian 84, Dex, and Fanny’s trip to India.


2023May23/05/31One Hit Instructor28HoonyReality Talk ShowMBCRawEP28


2023May-July23/05/17-23/06/23Heart Signal Season 41-6YoonDating showChannelAFIXED CAST!! Kang Seungyoon as the panelist/prediction team on the popular hit dating reality TV show. This season will show the beauty of love in spring.EP1-6


2023May23/05/15Ding Dong Dang KindergartenYoonEducation KidsEBS1It’s the longest running children’s program in South Korea, Seungyoon as an assistant to baker 'Ding Dong Sam'. SOOOO CUTE an idol appeared on a kids program😚https://youtu.be/mrmtYQv5O6M


2023May23/05/13-23/05/27G'NEST on Tour X Hoony1-3HoonyVarietyYouTubehttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6SuZRIVn1orrJhwavOl1Jnuj8sErGOGI


2023May-July23/05/10-23/07/23Dream HighHoonyMusicalTheaterLee Seunghoon debut as a musical actor!! He play the role of Song Samdong whose character is the MAIN LEAD of drama 'Dream High'. Through 'Dream High', which heralds the birth of a new performance by combining dance with an existing musical, he not only show off his skills at will, but also lead the story at the center of the play.


2023May23/05/08Girls Night Out7HoonyTalk ShowMnettopic: Top 9 Auction Items by Stars


2023May23/05/07-23/05/21Donkey Ears/Boss in the Mirror206-208YoonRealityKBS2Yoon as the special MC. A show where the “boss” self-examinating their way of working to create better environment for their employees


2023May23/05/02Sangryeol Drinking Today1Yoon JinuVarietyYouTubeIt's a 'drunken talk show' in which Ji Sangryeol, a self-proclaimed representative of the entertainment industry, has evolved the existing drinking mukbang content to the next level.ENGhttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6SuZRIVn1oq8rHuoXSoZRi68F8aGExxq


2023Apr23/04/25HaHa and Byul Family/HaHa Bus4Yoon HoonyVariety TravelENAThe show is a healing or travel program with HaHa and Byul family. They were filming in Busan. Seungyoon singing a song🤩 duet with the cute Ha Song!!! 2Seung at 30:45 minsENGhttps://kshow123.tv/show/ha-ha-bus/episode-4.html




2023Apr23/04/20-23/04/27Urban Sashimi Restaurant5-6Yoon JinuRealityChannel Ahttps://youtu.be/tACpzK3mg6Q


2023Apr23/04/19SBS News NightLine-YoonNewsSBS NewsKang Seungyoon interview as a photographer Yooyeon on SBS News NightLineInterview Transcripthttps://youtu.be/SgHqf0rByFIhttps://twitter.com/seungy8ncaptain/status/1649038038302076928?s=46&t=du5CjAR73CH79AXWzlyNbQ@seungy8ncaptain


2023Apr-June23/04/11-23/06/WINNER BROTHERS1-10WinnerVarietyYouTubeWINNER own original web series, self-produced variety showENGhttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzz179zjDofaUNjbr1LoMYT9k7uu5RWTy


2023Apr23/04/07-23/04/14I Live Alone489-490MinoVarietyMBCEP489EP490


2023Apr23/04/05One Hit Instructor21HoonyReality Talk ShowMBCRawEP21


2023Mar-June23/03/30-23/06/08Fantasy Boys1-11YoonSurvivalYoonKang Seungyoon will be a trainer, mentor, judge and producer. ‘Fantasy Boys - After School Excitement Season 2' is an audition program for the birth of a global boy group that will lead K-pop.ENGhttps://dramanice.la/drama/my-teenage-boy-fantasy-boys-2023-detail


2023Mar23/04/04Ding Univ Season 55WinnerReality EducationWinner


2023Mar23/03/17-BABYMONSTER Last Evaluation2-8Yoon HoonyMusic RealityYouTubeKang Seungyoon and Lee Seunghoon they are the judges who gave comments/opinions on performances in BABYMONSTER's monthly evaluationhttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6SuZRIVn1opC2x1xBX0PyVK_Mbmp73-y


2023Mar23/03/12Local Briefieng: Now Our CountryHoonyReality TraveltvNA traveler show. Overtourism, disaster preparedness, soaring prices, etc. Behind the exotic scenery, it conveys the true reality and vividness of the country! Global Insight Road Trip, where n travelers leave to explore various issues happening around the world.


2023Mar23/03/11-23/03/18Immortal Songs S2597-598YoonMusicKBS2Yoon Dohyun (YB) special. Kang Seungyoon sang 'A Flying Butterfly'. He is the king of reaction.https://dramanice.la/immortal-songs-2/watch-immortal-songs-2-episode-598-online


2023Mar23/03/10BABYMONSTER Last Evaluation1Yoon Hoony MinoMusic RealityYouTubeMino gave his opinion on BABYMONSTER in their introduction. Meanwhile Kang Seungyoon and Lee Seunghoon as the judge on BABYMONSTER's monthly evaluation.https://youtu.be/hCgZqFscMp0


2023Mar23/03/08One Hit Instructor17HoonyReality Talk ShowMBCThe Yang brothers will be the ‘tutor/instructor’ as psychiatry specialists who will answer questions about complex relationship stress.RawEP17


2023Mar-Apr23/03/07-23/04/04Ding Univ Season 51-JinuReality EducationEBS YouTubeSpring semester with special new MC Jinu sunbaenim. ENGhttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSJacZo0rC7XTnLI4TSRedB5pKFQqy5M7


2023Mar-23/03/05-23/06/18Different Class S71-16YoonReality EducationJTBCAs the regular cast. Differential Class introduces experts from multiple fields from art and history to engineering, serving an environment of Q&A communication to learn more about the topics that are not familiar with the public.


2023Feb-Mar23/02/15-23/03/01Peak Time1-4MinoSurvivalJTBCMino as the JUDGE!! Idol survival show, 'male idols with a debut history' who need a new start for their own reasons, such as losing the stage due to COVID, having problems with their agency, or low public awareness. The points to watch are the performances and the sharp yet affectionate judging by judges who are idols loved around the world.


2023Feb23/02/10I Live Alone482MinoVarietyMBCMINO's adventures with Chippy 🐦 and Snowboarding 🏂 EngEP482


2023Feb23/02/03-23/02/10Jung Junha YouTube "Billiards Match"YoonVarietyYouTubeFINALLY!!! Busan billiard representative is back!! Kang Seungyoon playing billiards with Lee Soogeun, Jung Junha, and Jung Hyungdonhttps://youtu.be/smrplpPNazAhttps://youtu.be/r8_b_2hAEnEhttps://youtu.be/jAJgYZ_cZqk


2023Jan-Feb22/01/26-22/02/09Wonderland's Hell Court1-3YoonRealitySBSTo discuss about issues that are difficult to be resolved by law alone, which contain courts, can create a new genre with smart court entertainment that captures sympathy, cool judgments, and legal knowledge in the home. Other casts includes Ji Sangryeol & Eun Jiwon as team leaders + Seunyoon, Aiki, Kim Taegyun & Lil Cherry as celebrity lawyers


2023Jan-Feb23/01/25-23/02/07THE CIRCLE: THE MOVIEWinnerMovieCGV


2022Dec22/12/29WINNER CONCERT WHITE HOLIDAYWinnerConcertWeverseWHITE CONCERT can be watched via WEVERSE. WINNER held an online concert as a year-end gift for inner circles. Currently it is very difficult to book concert venue, therefore WHITE CONCERT is only available online.https://m.ok.ru/video/4035748956770https://ok.ru/video/4072020249186


2022- 2023Dec-Jan22/12/25-23/01/15Around the World/Adventure by Accident Season 13-6HoonyVarietyMBCEngEP3EP4EP5EP6


2022Dec22/12/14The Season of Underwear-YoonkDramaKBS2Ban Daesoo (Seungyoon) a person who doesn't believe in any kind of sincerity till he meets a "Don Quixote" president of an underwear company and his "Sancho", who made Ban Daesoo become sincere in panties and in life. Ban Daesoo born with warm temperament but has become cynical and rational due to his growth process and environment.Enghttps://t.co/WtFERi5fdjhttps://youtu.be/CUj8ul-XfZg


2022- 2023Dec-Feb22/12/11-22/01/29Korea After School: School Trip1-8YoonVarietyE channelSeungyoon as the MC. "School Trip" is a program that depicts the process of overseas teenage students who are interested in Korea coming on a school trip to Korea as a group, meeting and enjoying real Korean culture for the first time in their lives, and knowing and loving Korea more deeply.


2022Dec22/12/11-22/12/18Around the World/Adventure by Accident Season 11-2MinoVarietyMBCEngEP1EP2


2022Nov22/11/22-22/11/29Street Man Fighter Gala Talk Show1-2YoonTalkshow DanceMnetKang Seungyoon, the main character of 'Gulliver', the OST of 'Smanpa', the voice that opened the door to 'Street Man Fighter' joined as the MC with Jang Doyeon and HaHa. 'Street Man Fighter Gala Talk Show', it is expected to see the charm of the 8 crews that were not seen in 'Street Man Fighter' with various special stages resembling a concert. https://attach.mail.daum.net/bigfile/v1/urls/d/-pxWR-PkQ-n-1FBzWr3bwzAtEnc/j4E6OTMWNNx7XOnhrJ7UlQhttps://youtu.be/NmK-Arbgn_Ahttps://attach.mail.daum.net/bigfile/v1/urls/d/Fdcdu2ZdvijMlyuTBnRiYD7ojs8/0TjyU2znLV46RY_zmmsm5g


2022Nov22/11/11-22/11/18I Live Alone470-471MinoRealityMBCmino and kian84 who got their paintings displayed at Saatchi went to the oldest art supply store in London and painting together at the parkEngEP470EP471


2022Nov-Dec22/11/14-22/12/14Begin Again - Open Mic Season 20YoonMusicJTBCSuper epic performances from Kang Seungyoon with Punch and SWAN of Purple Kiss sing on the beachRawhttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs-SbSzntXsCHdBZvbbNw904E1M4P3ggu


2022Oct-Nov22/10/27&22/11/10Street Alcohol Fighter Season 219-20Yoon JinuVarietyYouTubeW/ Heechul and Ji Sangryeol, they are so chaotic LOL, talks so randomly, Seungyoon and Jinwoo are so cuteEnghttps://youtu.be/n-O35wxP6_shttps://youtu.be/lfbO4F2BcFE


2022Oct22/10/22While You Are Tempted Season 48YoonVarietySBSConspiracy theories about the death of actress Brittany Murphy, who died on December 20, 2009, in a mansion in Los Angeles, USA.Rawhttps://youtu.be/XjR5jKDUiAU


2022Oct&Nov22/10/21&22/11/25Things that Make Me Groove S2/Look At My Shoulders, It's Dislocated7-8Mino Yoon JinuVarietyYoutubeDrinking buddies battle unfolded, colleagues active in various fields, from actors to music producers, gathered together and drew attention.Enghttps://youtu.be/dy6EFEPMOi4


2022Sept-Dec22/09/29- 22/12/01Sali & Yoonie : Jingle Guys1-8YoonVarietyYouTube tvN DThey both will write & compose songs or jinglesEnghttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTnyq-p4P5n0tV7VAaOA3Dk283SnmooS3


2022Sept22/09/09-22/09/16I Live Alone462-463MinoVarietyMBCCelebrating chuseokEnghttps://viu.app.link/4IgxgR15Btb


2022Aug-Nov22/08/30-22/11/05Boss Pet1-20HoonyRealityKBS Worldw/ Haute. K-POP STARS SHOW OFF THEIR “BOSS PETS”
K-pop stars who are full-time “butlers” of their precious “bosses” capture special moments with their pets!
It’s an opportunity for the stars and global fans to get together and communicate as they “show off their bosses.”Eng




2022Aug22/08/28Where is My Home?171Hoony
YoonVarietyMBC2Seung act like husband and wife LMAO, also I LOVE U promotionRawhttps://dramanice.ac/where-is-my-home/watch-where-is-my-home-episode-171-online


2022- 2023Aug-Oct & Dec-Jan22/08/26-22/09/02 & 22/09/16/22/10/21 & 22/12/02-22/12/23 & 23/01/06-23/01/13Things that Make Me Groove S2/Look At My Shoulders, It's Dislocated 0-13MinoVarietyYouTubeThe three stars invite their close friends and have a candid conversation with them over drinks and snacksEnghttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf1tE-PnIXhDbyrcuFhFGc_DBI6XCi4oy


2022Aug22/08/26Seoul Vibe-MinoMovieNetflixw/ insane cast: Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Po & moreEnghttps://dramanice.ac/operation-seoul-national-university/watch-seoul-vibe-2022-episode-1-online


2022Aug-Sept22/08/12-22/09/16Somefing / Sometopia1-10Jinu
YoonRealityWavveMCs for a Flirting/Dating while Surfing Reality ShowEnghttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpIUzNZN6vojCTNGo6HYaSjc-MnvMln7D



2013Aug-Oct13/08/23-13/10/25WIN: Who is Next1-11WinnerSurvivalMnetMust watch! Winner Origin's Story through a brutal survival showEngSuperior FanSubsOfficial YTsubsYT ExtraClipshttps://withwinner.wordpress.com/2014/04/27/videos-eng-sub-complete-list-of-team-a-cuts-from-win-epilogue-dvd/Expired(pwd: jeni):


2013- 2014Dec-Feb13/12/13-14/02/14Winner TV1-10WinnerRealityMnetMust watch - Winner debut variety! Super cute, fun; Their prep to debut- lost onw to TokyoTower/ScaryHouse/Quiz/moreEngSuperior FanSubsOfficial YTsubshttps://withwinner.wordpress.com/winnertv/Original Onewomansubs tumblr-(pwd: jeni):


2014Oct14/10/22Weekly Idol169WinnerVarietyMBCMust watch! DoniConi rag Mino (water served!!) & Kang leaderEngPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4@MBSubs1 /TeamAces


2016April-July16/04/23-16/07/16Half-Moon Friends1-12WinnerRealityJTBCMust watch ! W run a day care centre for tiny tots <3EngKshow123Alt dramanice-


2017May17/05/03Weekly Idol301WinnerVarietyMBCMust watch! Deputy Lee's CEO buttering skillsEnghttps://youtu.be/yLaNmVf-Oqc@MBSubs1 /TeamAces


2017May17/05/20Oppa Thinking1WinnerVarietyMBCMust watch! Billiards, Sewing, Football & More ;)Enghttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1tFqiZjrEmIqjZdr6zWM5nFCGY78R4Rp-/view?usp=sharing-


2017Nov17/11/07-17/11/28Youth Over Flowers - Winner1-4WinnerTraveltvNMust watch! W kidnapped to Australia via Na PD car CF prank - skydiving, whales, surfing, "fighting" ! + Directors cut KarokeEngWoFsubs websiteAlt Dropbox Link@wofsubs


2018May18/05/12Knowing Brothers127WinnerVarietyJTBCMust watch! W+ByunJae - Hilarious! YG EDM; Pretty noona kDrama acting+lotsa stories, Extra clips - Vid 2 (on Netflix too)EngEp 127 subExtra/Unrel Clips-


2018Dec18/12/25Video Star124WinnerTalkShowMBCMust watch! Dara x W expose :D Minhoon kiss(!) & more team kills: Plagiarism, BirthSecrets, Stingy, Sexiest, etc!EngYT Ep124+ExtrasAlt LinksAlt Subs-Part1Alt Subs-Part2https://twitter.com/softboimino/status/1114237522463399937INNEOsubs (@weloveseungyoon)@__wheein__ (2underscores)


2018-2019Dec-Jan18/12/18-19/01/30Idol Room32, 37WinnerVarietyJTBCMust watch! The Winner ver of Idol Star Athletic Championship! (Ep37 - 2 ExtraClips rel)Eng Ep 32Clip from Ep37ExtraClip Ep37Ep32 Camdol-


2019Jan19/01/29Winner Vacation - Hoony Tour1-8WinnerTravelOllehTV@Jeju, Udo Island with Guide H, Scammer M, Savage cutie J & bullied Baby Leader Y - Quizzes, GoKart, & moreEnghttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLr6y_VdzbiS84j_blr7TF9PSGq3cliFNZ@__wheein__ (2underscores)


2019May19/05/28Idol Room52WinnerVarietyJTBCMust watch! Idol999 auditions, "I believe I can Fly" (Vid2- extra)Enghttp://kshow123.net/show/idol-room/episode-52.html@__wheein__


2019Nov19/11/05Idol Room75WinnerVarietyJTBCMust watch! 4-legged Roller-Skating; Galaxies in H Eyes; Brain exercise (J's "Ottoke!!) , M Apology Bot, Kang Puppy EngMEGA linkGdrive LinkGdrive 480p linkhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZbamlMVVHDOcck38nDtkwzK6P43dzoEx/view@JinwooTroopshttps://twitter.com/JinwooTroops/status/1309512685600473091?s=20


2019Nov- Dec19/11/09-19/12/14Dingo BINGO trip1-6WinnerVarietyDingoMust watch! 6yrs Together! Take it easy Yoga, Lunge walk, Hanbok - Bros 4eva photos & interviews <3 (letters-link2)EngMEGA linkLetters Trans-


2010July-Oct10/07/23-10/10/23SuperStar K2 (Season 2)1-14YoonSurvivalMnetMust watch! Yoon survival fame - placed 4th, Partial subbed, alt watch: We're SuperstarK2 - BTS & recapPartialSSK2 YTsubsWeAreSSK2-subshttps://www.bilibili.com/video/av1837961?from=search&seid=10500870961641946786https://www.bilibili.com/video/av1837961?from=search&seid=10500870961641946786@WeLoveSeungYoon


2011- 2012Dec-April11/12/18-12/04/29KpopStar- Season 11-20HoonySurvivalSBSMust watch! Hoony survival fame, placed 4thEngHoony Cuts - MEGAKpopStar Full EPhttps://withwinner.wordpress.com/2013/12/09/videos-eng-sub-seunghoon-cuts-kpopstar-season-1-2011-2012/http://www.dailymotion.com/ainsxstar/videos-


2015Jun-Aug15/06/26-15/08/28Show Me The Money- Season 41-11MinoSurvivalMnetMust watch! Mino survival fame, placed 2ndEngSuperior FanSubsKshow123 Subshttps://ok.ru/video/1945265834612-



2022Aug22/08/02Family Register / DNA Mate29WinnerRealityMBCJinhee visits W - Alternate bro to J?! Skinship bw siblings?!Enghttps://www.tteokbokkisubs.com/2022/08/dna-mate-episode-29-2022.html?m=1




2022July22/07/29I Live Alone456Mino
YoonVarietyMBCM helps Y buy a car; Camplighting Y to sell his stuff! LOL AdorableEngDramacoolOn Viu also


2022July22/07/29WINNER HOLIDAY SHOW-WinnerRealityNOWConversation, PerformanceRawMEGAOk.Ru@ Patty


2022July22/07/16I Want To Be A Celebrity3WinnerVarietyJTBCMaking funny content for TikTok with Seunghoon as the director, they also show hilarious acting skills LOL



2022July22/07/14-22/07/23Immortal Songs S2564-565YoonMusicKBS2King of Kings in the First Half of 2022; Yoon covers Kim Kwangseok's <About Thirty> in Ep565EngViuDramacool


2022July22/07/09MBC Show! Music Core?YoonMusicMBCSeungyoon as the special MC. I Love U challenge madness & confessions galore! Hoony-MarkEng


2022July-Aug22/07/02- 22/08/20I Want To Be A Celebrity1-8HoonySurvivalJTBCShort form Content (Tiktok) Champ Hoony - judges pax. A fierce content battle begins to target the preferences of the Shorts generation. The full-fledged short content platform challenge program <l Want to be A Celebrity> that observes the process of celebrities creating short contents platform and provides an opportunity for anyone to challenge short contents platform.Raw


2022June22/06/19-22/06/26All the Butlers / Master in the House225-226YoonRealitySBSw/ World's Best Soprano Jo Sumi ; Birth of Dolphin Seungyoon...!EngViuDramacool


2022June22/06/11-22/06/18Immortal Songs S2559-560YoonMusicKBS2Lee Juck Spl - Yoon sings 'Rain' & WINS! Power vocals <3EngViuDramacool


2022June22/06/08-Shovelling Today S29Hoony
YoonVarietyJTBCGardening Show; 2Seung shovel away; W entertainers who come on shows w/o promotions! LolEnghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhzdga0bNB0


2022May-Aug22/05/19-22/08/04Youth Star / Stars Awakening1 - 13YoonSurvivalChannel AYoon as Mentor/Judge. Singer-songwriter x idol x vocalist k-music battle auditionRaw


2022May22/05/16-22/05/30Artist Way1-3WinnerVarietyJTBCSpend time w/ artists: Architect, Photographer & G-IDLE SoyeonEngEp1 - PoorSubsEp2 - PoorSubsEp3 - PoorSubs


2022May22/05/16Song Geun's Market - Vivo TVJinuVarietyYouTubeJ buys camping gear; Phone call w/ Song Geun & Kim SookEngMain EpVivo RadioPodcast
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